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Paper Airplane Party


I am one of those people that starts a Pinterest board the day after a birthday party for the next year! LOL!   It probably will change as my little man grows and develops his own preference for parties but the past 4 years has been such a blast for me!  I think throwing your child’s party is just as much fun for the mommy as it is for the kids!

There were so many fun elements that made this theme a PERFECT birthday theme!  And it was soooo cheap!!!

Paper Airplane Garland
I stayed up late one night folding all these paper airplanes and stringing them on thread to hang from the ceiling.  If I were to do it again I would probably find a way to knot the thread at each airplane instead of putting tape on the string.

I love the color scheme of blue and orange together!  It’s so boyish!

I also hung vertical paper airplanes from the window cut out we have between the kitchen and living room.   They looked like little mobiles!

Paper Airplane Cake
The cake turned out amazing!  I have a talented friend that has made Christian’s 3rd birthday (Cowboy) cake, Eva Mae’s 1st birthday (Owl) cake and will hopefully make many more birthday and special milestone cakes for our family!  Her Facebook page is Amazing Cakes!


Party Favors and Games
I think my favorite party favor were the little candy airplanes!  I saw Push Pop airplane ideas on Pinterest and then I saw the same idea using Tootsie Pops – wouldn’t you know my Kroger didn’t have either?!  So, we used Smarties!!!  They worked perfect!

To make, take 2 life saver candies and a rubber band.  Thread the 2 life savers and insert a stick of gum on top.  Slide the smarties candy in between the gum and life savers and you have the cutest little candy favor for your guests! (I covered my gum with some cute scrapbook paper)


We made a ton of paper airplanes and I had a table set up in the piano room for kids to make and decorate their own!  After making their airplane they could try to fly it through a hole in the posterboard or go outside for more Flying School!  (I hung 2 hula hoops from the tree….forgot to take a picture – whoops!)

I also played around with designing my own paper airplane template!!!  I made one for each child with their name on the wings!

Another cool activity is from Disney – for Father’s Day they came out with an awesome paper plane printable!  Go here to get it!

The other favors I made were a snack mix bag with peanuts and pretzels!  I simply printed off a greeting on a half sheet of paper and secured the plastic snack bag with a ribbon!


(Someone’s trying to sneak a snack!)

Paper Airplane Outfit

One reason I LOOOOVE having an embroidery machine is being able to create such cute custom shirts and clothes for my kids!

The shirt I made for my birthday boy uses the paper airplane from Planet Applique and I merged it with his name and the number 4.  It looks so adorable!  The shorts were refashioned from an old pair of my jeans with airplane fabric on the side pockets!  I’ll talk more about them on Tuesday on my guest post over at House of Estrela!

 I do take custom orders so if you need a birthday shirt contact me on my Facebook page!

I have to say that the birthday boy had the time of his life!  I think birthdays and Christmases are only going to get better and better! (Oh, and you can get my free tutorial and template for party hats here)

Now I need your help…..theme suggestions for birthday #5 next year?!

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30 thoughts on “Paper Airplane Party

  1. The party looks awesome! I love the theme and all the cute things that made it up. It looks like he loved his birthday!

    1. omg are you THE heather feather?

      1. I’m not, but I know her!!! ūüėČ

  2. We had a great time! Thanks again for inviting us, and I am so happy that Christian liked his Turbo toys so well. Happy birthday!

  3. OMG those party favours!!!

  4. I love all of your ideas ! With my 4 kids, we had a lot of theme parties, and the best were the pirates, the circus and the little gardeners. Hope it can inspire you as you inspire me !

  5. OMGosh love it! I’m such a theme party girl and this is perfect! I so need an embroidery machine or a friend that has one .. lol.

    I’m your newest follower, stopping by from Navy Wifey Peters blog hop.

  6. I love his shirt and that cake! Looks like a great party! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!

  7. This is such a fun theme for a little boy. And what inexpensive and easy idea! I bet your son was in heaven and he knew that you really cared about him to make him a party that was so personal and unique. Great job Momma!
    With Love,

  8. Great website and article I have recently done a quick and easy video to show how simple it is to make a paper plane, please feel free to have a look and share it around thanks and enjoy
    jade :)

  9. Love this airplane idea!! It would be awesome for a rainy day or in the hotel room at night when the kiddos have more energy than the grownups! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m linking this on my website and would love a shout out from you!

  10. Those party favors look amazing.

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  16. I did a carnival birthday for my sons birthday one year ( can’t remember which one he’s 15 now!) had ping pong ball in a goldfish bowl, (feeder fish and $store bowls)’ sheet cut with holes and bean bag toss thru holes, hula hoops hanging for football toss are a few of the things I remember some of the families still talk about the fun we had that day!

    1. That’s a great idea!!! I love the carnival theme….there are just too many cute themes that I might just need to have another baby so I can keep having birthday party fun! haha!

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  19. What fun!! I love the airplane target game! Thanks for sharing!

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  23. I was searching on pinterest for ideas for a mini class for our open house day with the homeschool co-op we participate in. We have kids in age from 4 -12. Everyone loves paper airplanes! The crafty Mama is going to run the airplane making table, the gym Mama is going to run the game if tossing them through the target, the math and science Mama is going to start us off with QuickBooks in Bernoulli, and the history Mama is going to read to us about the Wright Brothers, Davinci, and Chuck Yaeger. And we are taking the candy planes and making them with nut, bolts, balsa wood, and floral wire. Thanks for a mini session jump off with fantastic ideas!

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  25. I made the candy airplanes for my son’s graduation from the Air Traffic Control program and Flight School last year. Big Hit. He loved them. Thanks for sharing the idea.

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