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Zipper Pouch with Cross Stitch Panel



Needlepoint crafts are something I never really have been into because of the TIME it takes to create something! I’ve only done a hand full of smocking projects in my lifetime because it takes hours to finish a smocking plate or bishop dress!  Cross stitch is a needle point craft that is super easy for beginners!  It is something I want to teach my son, so I decided I would start on a project, have him watch me, and then slowly introduce the skill to him!  He is all into “the original Mario” (pixel version) and asked for an adorable Mario Monopoly game that has all the characters as little pixel people!  That inspired me to chart out the Mario for my cross stitch design!  I just eyed the design by looking at the figure, but I drew it out for all of you to print for reference! (click here)


There are a few types of stitches in cross stitch but for this project, it’s all made by just making an “x” in the woven cross stitch fabric!  You can’t get any easier than that!  To start, just pick out some DMC floss (embroidery floss), cross stitch fabric, small embroidery hoop, and a needle!  I’ve linked to Amazon so you can make your purchases (affiliate links) or you can pick up the supplies in person!  I think I spent maybe $10 on the embroidery fabric, floss, and hoop at Walmart!  Here’s a starter pack I found on Amazon that might make it easier!

To make the stitches, check out this wonderful picture tutorial here!

Now, gather your materials and turn on Netflix.  I give you permission to Netflix and Stitch!  The best way to be productive and binge watch a show at the same time!

Once your cross stitch pattern is complete, gather some fabric scraps and a zipper and let’s make a little pouch!  This is NOT a lined pouch.  I decided that I was just going to go for quick and easy since I’m not a huge fan of zippers.  This is seriously the easiest way to put in a zipper and start to finish on this little pouch is probably 20 minutes tops!

Step 1

Cut your cross stitch pattern out in a 4″x4″ square or other desired measurement.  With your fabric scraps, cut out 2 strips 4″x1.5″ and 2 strips 6.5″x2.5″


Step 2

Sew the side strips first with a .5″ seam allowance and then sew the top and bottom strips.


Step 3

Turn the project around (ignore my rats nest of a back!!!) and press the seam open so that you can pin a zipper right against the seam.  If your zipper is too long, simply cut it to size and add some stitching to the bottom of the zipper teeth.


Step 4

With a zipper foot on your sewing machine, sew the zipper to the seam


Step 5

Cut out a back from your fabric scraps (approximately 10″x6.5″) and a strip of fabric for the pouch strap (approximately 20″x 3″)


Step 6

Sew the strap by folding both long edges to the middle and then folding again closed.  Sew on both sides of the long edge close to the folded edge.


Step 7

Sandwich the strap between the front and back of the pouch making sure the right sides of the front and back face each other.  Pin in place.


Step 8 (final)

Open the zipper and then sew all around each edge of the pouch.  Clip the corners and turn right side out through the zipper opening!  You’re finished!


You did it!  What will you put in your pouch?


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Christian’s 7th Birthday Party!

Screen Captures18

This post contains affiliate links!  Please consider shopping through the links I provide!  It helps put a little change in my crafty piggy bank!


I can’t believe this handsome boy is 7 years old!!!  He had a blast at his first movie theater party!  I remember taking my friends to the movies when I was a kid – it’s so much fun and you feel so grown up!  I could tell he felt the same way this year! He originally wanted a Star Wars party but when he found out the Secret Life of Pets movie would be out in time for his birthday, he quickly changed his mind and asked for a pet theme birthday party!


The party was pretty simple this year!  We had an hour in the party room before the movie but I still had some fun crafting for all the little party favors!  And his shirt was really fun to make!  I started with the Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop Grand Slam (it’s my favorite raglan pattern!) And then I designed the Max and Duke file to make it easy for vinyl layering!  If you’d like the file for free click here!  You can modify it as you need for your child’s shirt!  The file is a .studio file so you’ll need the Silhouette software to open.  I LOVE my Cameo and will probably always stay a loyal Silhouette customer!  My machine is almost 3 years old now and is still amazing!


Woo hoo!  It’s party time!


I loved the pet adoption idea on Pinterest so I filled a box with Beanie Babies and designed a cute little sign that I also used to make the adoption certificates!


The kids came into the party and picked their pet first – the certificate has a place for their name and their pet’s name!  Click here to download a printable file to use for your party!


My mom made this adorable owl veggie tray!


And Christian had to add his Max pencil eraser to the cake! LOL!


Having the party room at the theater was great!

IMG_6915 IMG_6916

The banner I made with my Silhouette turned out so cute for pictures!

IMG_6921 IMG_6923

For the party games, we did a “Hot Potato” type game where we passed around the plush Snowball character from the movie.  He is a rabbit so we called the game “Hop Potato” and if you were caught holding Snowball when the music stopped, you had to eat the rabbit poop (chocolate covered raisins!  The boys thought it was hilarious!)

We also did a musical chairs with our adopted pets and paw prints on the floor!  The room wasn’t really that big but it was still fun to play some games!  Here’s a video of the game!

And my sweet boy blowing out his 7 candle!

He had a blast opening his presents……

Pure birthday joy #secretlifeofpets #luckynumber7 #birthdayboy

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And after the party, we went into the theater for the movie!  I think the adults had more fun watching the reactions of the kids during the movie than watching the actual film!  In the party favor box I wrapped up some brown paper lunch sacks with twine and a popcorn cut out (my first time doing print and cut on the Cameo!)  Here’s the file if you would like to make some for a party!


Thanks for checking our party out!  Happy birthday to my very special buddy!  I love you Christian!



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Vinyl Freebie – His Eye is on the Sparrow


My mother-in-love recently shared a picture on Facebook with the lyrics to the song “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and I thought it would make a beautiful vinyl for a tote!


I’m offering it to you for free!  You can download the PDF graphic here: DOWNLOAD PDF

Fullscreen capture 7102016 42641 PM

Or, you can download the .studio file if you have a Silhouette cutting machine.  The image is already mirrored with cut lines.  It would also look really pretty on a Bible cover or even a t-shirt!  Share with me on Facebook if you decide to make something with the file!  I would love to see it!

(If you need an easy tote pattern, here is a great post.  I just winged this tote according to how much fabric I had! 😉 )

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Dining Room Redo


I still have some work to do before our dining room/school room is finished, but I just had to share how my first sign painting turned out!!!



If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I had a hard time deciding on paint colors.  When we moved into our house the dining room was the first room I painted.  I love the look of chair rail and enjoyed the rich colors with our dining room table!  I knew I wanted some sort of teal and gray for a new look and several friends emphasized how good it would be to paint the bottom half a pure white!!!  I actually hadn’t thought of that at first but it WORKS!  If you’re curious on the “before” pictures, here’s a snap of the beginning of the project!


And now here’s what it looks like!


So much more clean and fresh, right?  I still need to bring in the table and find some curtains but we are on our way!!!

Now, let’s talk about the awesome homeschool quotes!!!  The sign on the left is the Charlotte Mason motto:


I have just fallen in love with the Charlotte Mason method!  I have a wonderful group of local moms that encourage and give advice as I learn more and more about her method and philosophy.  You can read more about Charlotte Mason at the Ambleside Online website!  I will be using the curriculum this year for Christian!  He’ll be doing Year 1.

The other quote is also dear to my heart!  This is the Classical Conversations motto!


Ever since I first read that on some CC literature I felt my spirit in agreement!  That’s what it’s about!  We are educating our kids so that they will know God and want to make Him known to others!  I found out that the quote is attributed to a missionary named Loren Cunningham who founded YWAM.  He came and spoke to our church when I was just a little girl and my family hosted him and his family for dinner during his visit!  I love how little circumstances like that make a full circle a generation apart!  We are blessed!!!

Now, if you have a Silhouette cutting machine and would like the file for these two signs, CLICK HERE!  It is a .studio file so if you do not have a Silhouette, you will not be able to open the file.  But, not to worry!  I also can cut the vinyl for you and ship it to you!  I’ve listed them in my shop!  Click here for the Charlotte Mason Quote and Click here for the Know God quote!

I’ve had some questions about my process for making the signs!  I’d love to share that with you, however I have no progress pictures!  I have been in the zone the past week to try to get all the work done!  So, here’s a step by step and the products I used!

  1.  Buy 3/16″ ply board from Home Depot.  The 2’x4′ size.  Cut it down in three sections so you have 3 16″x24″ boards. ($6 a board works out to only about $3 per sign!)
  2. Buy 1″ reversible “Tiny Trim” that comes in a 4′ strip.  You will need 2 strips ($3.50 each)
  3. At home, miter cut the trim to fit the ply board.  Use Elmer’s wood glue to secure the trim to the board.
  4.  Paint the entire board and trim with white semi-gloss paint.  Let dry.  Add another coat.
  5. Apply the vinyl to the board (just like I did in this instruction sheet)
  6. Paint the entire board and trim the color of your choice (I used Drizzle by Sherwin Williams.  The sample quarts were on sale for about $5 each.)  Add a 2nd coat.
  7. Peel off the vinyl to reveal the white paint!  You may need an exacto knife to help with the small letters.
  8. Add hanging hardware to the back and place on your wall!  Voila!

The process I just described for the vinyl is called PVPP and you can read about it here!

An easier and alternative way to make cool quote signs, is to just use the vinyl!  You can even make your own from wood like I described above, only paint the entire sign your color of choice first, and then apply white vinyl as the final step!  No need to paint over it and peel it off!  For me, I think the look of all paint is nicer than the raised look of vinyl.  I’m not at all opposed to applying just vinyl though!  Here’s another phone pic of a last minute project to the kitchen (which needs new paint but I’ll hold off on tackling that until January!)


I hope that gives you some ideas!  And if you want to order a vinyl decal from me that is not listed, just e-mail and we’ll see how I can help you out!