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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chocolate Garden Cake

I'm taking a quick break from any sewing projects to show you this adorable DIY for a garden cake!!!  I love "Pinspiration" and these cute individual carrot patches made me head out to the store to make a full size cake garden!

 You'll need:
Box of chocolate cake mix (eggs, water, oil)
Chocolate icing (I used whipped)
Vanilla Sugar Wafers
Cake top decorations (they had marshmallow carrots and flower icing decorations. I also added some flower lollipops.)

Step 1 - bake 2 8" square cakes.  Trim the top off of the bottom layer.

Step 2 - add icing after cakes have cooled.  I sliced some strawberries to go in the middle.

Step 3 - Place 2nd cake on top and cover with icing.  Begin to place wafers around the cake like fence posts.  Use frosting to adhere the wafer to the cake. I trimmed the wafers to a point at the top to resemble the top of a fence.

Step 4 - Cut wafers in half lengthwise to stick horizontally across the wafer fence.  Again, use the frosting to make it stick!

Step 5 - decorate with your choice of toppings and enjoy!!!

I hope your family has a Happy Easter!!!  HE IS RISEN!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter greetings!

Happy Easter!!!
I haven't been around too much the past few weeks because Spring musicals always take up my thinking and planning time and I am of no use with a sewing machine at the end of the day!

Christian performed in his first musical program last week "God Makes All Things New" and was soooooo stinkin' cute!  The good:  He said his speaking part perfectly  The bad: Mommy was the director and daddy had to take Eva Mae outside so there were no pictures during the play!

That's ok - one of his classmates will be making me a copy!

I'm so proud of how well he's been doing in Mrs. Stephanie's class!  She is such a great teacher for him!  I love to see his growth and how much he's learning!

The day after the program we had a fun time at the zoo with my 
sewing partner in crime Veronica of Sew Very!

This is an outtake but it's so funny!!!  I love Christian's expression - Ella's eyes are halfway closed from blinking but you can tell what a sweet girl she is in more of the photoshoot at Veronica's blog!  


And finally, I'll leave you with some pictures of what I made for Easter.
For Eva Mae:
Hobby Lobby fabric from last year and the Planet Applique Chick Alpha with a matching hair clippie from GG's Embroidery and Design

 For Christian:
Stitch on Time chocolate bunny with a bite!  I merged the letters and when Christian realized the joke he thought it was so clever!

For Eva Mae in church:
The Clara Dress by Filles a Maman!  I can't wait to take pictures!  It was such a sweet pattern to sew up!  I'll be pairing with some tights, white shoes and an Easter hat!

Come back Monday for a fun announcement on a pattern bundle you will want to buy!!!!
I hinted at it in my newsletter - I'll have some goodies in the next few months for newsletter subscribers!  Sign up here!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 and PR&P Create your fabric!

 Welcome to my corner of the web if you're visiting from the Perfect Pattern Parcel!!!

I had so much fun sewing the Celestial Tee and Hosh Pants!  I sewed the Seraphic Raglan from Figgy's Heavenly Collection last month HERE and I hope to sew up many more from this collection!

I was also glad that my Pattern Parcel tour stop worked with Project Run & Play's theme of creating your own fabric!  I prepared a quick tutorial on how I used my Silhouette Cameo Machine to create a fun shoulder detail with geometric shapes out of heat transfer vinyl!  

Before I get to the tutorial let me talk about these two great patterns!
The Hosh Pants from LouBee have just recently been updated to a size 6!  I know that I will be sewing many more pairs of this great pattern!  I used a stretch denim for my sweet girl's pants and love how they are perfect for wearing inside her cowboy boots!

Can you tell Eva Mae likes the sand box?  
I went to my first choice of photoshoot location and this is what I got:

So, I decided that it would be better just to let her be happy even if it meant a mess! 

(Yes, that is sand she is pouring in her hair!)

The Celestial Tee is super easy and fast to put together!  I love the sort of drop shoulder sleeve that makes the construction a breeze!
Now let's talk about the wonderful opportunity to get both of these patterns AND MORE in the Perfect Pattern Parcel #2 and also support a wonderful organization!  Donor's Choose is amazing and so many of my teacher friends have furnished classroom instruments and materials through generous donors!  I highly recommend contributing to music programs in Donors Choose if you are able!
(Or, in searching through some of the creative arts projects, I found THIS ONE that wants to start a sewing home ec class!!!)

The Celestial Tee was also the perfect sort of canvas for me to create my own print!
I thought it was so funny that I had planned and made this shirt and then I saw the Straight Lines and Angles series and then this shirt by Tara at Girl Like the Sea! Geometric is certainly "in!"

For my tutorial to "create fabric" in this week's PR&P challenge, I used the leftover heat transfer vinyl that I used for making my son a Dr. Seuss shirt
I used the font "Pointers" to add my shapes to the Silhouette software, cut the vinyl...

And then arranged the vinyl on the shirt sleeve and used the hot iron to transfer to the material!

Voila!  If you don't have Silhouette you could also use the font to create a freezer paper stencil or just cut out the shapes from heat transfer vinyl.

 Thank you so much for visiting and make sure you grab your opportunity to get the bundle HERE!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers

 I'm so happy that I can be on the GYCT Designs blog tour for the Shortie Nightgown and Bloomers!  You can read about and purchase the pattern HERE!
(And you can get it 20% off by entering the code "SHORTIE20")

Chelsea is the genius of GYCT and she's been so sweet to test for me in the past and participate in my blog tours!  Her Bumblebee Jacket was such an awesome creation!

The Bumblebee was my first pattern that she was able to help me with, and these adorable pajamas are her first pattern!!!  I love seeing the growth of my creative mama friends!  Your support of all us WAHMs is so encouraging!

I had so much fun making this PJ set for Eva Mae!  I knew when I received the pattern that I would want to use flannel for the fabric and I was super excited to use up this Ann Kelle flannel that Kelle Boyd gave me as a gift (Christian was one of her models for a photoshoot!)

Unfortunately I didn't have enough Urban Zoologie to make the entire outfit so I supplemented with some checkered pink flannel from the local quilt store!

And I thought about where I would want to take Eva Mae's pictures in the PJs and thought about doing it outside during the day but I think these after bath pictures in bed are the BEST!  I want to remember these sweet moments of childhood and the smell of my baby's wet hair after a bath!  And how smooth her skin is after lathering up with coconut oil!

The book she's reading is one that the school librarian gave me when I was pregnant with Christian and it's been a favorite for both of my kids!  It's called "One Lonely Lion" and it's a counting book with fun sparkly pictures!

After she looked through the pictures I told her she could jump on the bed!  Oh, the joy!

I hope you are enjoying these moments with your kiddos if they are still young!
They definitely grow up too fast!

Thanks for having me be a part of the tour, Chelsea!

Go see what all the other talented blogs are sewing and enter for your chance to win a copy of the pattern!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Spoonflower Template (Inkscape)

Hey friends!
I've seen multiple people ask in FaceBook groups about custom labels to sew onto handmade's a free template to make your own!

First, let's talk about INKSCAPE!

This is a free vector art program that can do so much!  It's basically the free version of Adobe Illustrator.  You can create artwork using shapes, text, import images, etc. and customize the size for any unit of measurement!  

(If this is a brand new program to you I will hold your hand through the process and even give you an extra freebie that has a design already made for you at the end of this post.)

Now, let's talk about SPOONFLOWER

This is the first time I ordered anything from Spoonflower and in my trial and error on getting the sizing and pixels correct for uploading they were there to answer any of my questions through e-mail!

For this tutorial we are going to use the sizing for a swatch (8"x8" which is a square that is 1200px by 1200px..... if you try to change from px to inches in the program it will not come out to be the same because of how Inkscape saves images by dpi..... a lot of that is over my head which is why I was thankful for Spoonflower's help!)

Step 1.
Open the 8"x8" template file that I've created for you
Open the link, save the file by clicking the little arrow at the top left of Google Drive and then open with Inkscape.

Step 2.
Using the grid lines that I've marked (1" squares) create your own custom artwork that you would like to have printed.

Step 3.
Delete the grid lines in the background by selecting the image and hitting control x
Step 4.
Save your swatch design as a .png
Step 5.
Step 6.
Select "swatch" and the type of fabric you would like to have it printed on.

Step 7.
Order and wait impatiently for your new design to come in the mail!!!

Now, some things you should think about when designing.  Do you want to give yourself enough of a border to fold the edges in and hem?  I didn't hem my edges.  Instead, I used Fray Check to keep my labels from fraying in the wash.
Also, if you are doing folded tags, and plan to sew the raw edge into the seam, allow enough space for a seam allowance.

Here's a look at my labels on my daughter's new Easter Basket!  Look out Pottery Barn!

 If you would like a file that is already made you can download:

Spoonflower Swatch Sample .svg (you can modify)
Spoonflower Swatch Sample .png (ready to upload to Spoonflower)

Comment with any questions and I will respond and help as best as I can!!!

Sewing Mama RaeAnna Blog

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cuddle Bouquet Peasant Dress and Ruffle Pants

Sometimes the weather may not be very warm during early spring but color and comfort can come together for this great outfit!
I had so much fun designing this pattern for my daughter and I hope you are able to use it for a special little girl in your life!  Here in the south we love our ruffle pants and peasant style dresses/tops! 

I used Cuddle™ fabrics to create an outfit for my daughter and I'm happy to share the free pattern and tutorial with you! 

The fabric you will want is:
Many Peasant dresses and tops will use shirring for the sleeves but in the tutorial I will show you how to add 1/4" elastic to the sleeve for quick and easy gathering.

My daughter is complimented everywhere we go when she wears this outfit!

And you can tell she loves to strut her stuff!

We live in Tennessee and there are days that the sunlight is very deceiving!  In fact, the day I'm writing this post we had gorgeous blue skies and sunlight but it was only 24° outside!



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